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What is a Dental Bonding, Teeth Bonding, or Tooth Bonding?

These are all phrases that describe the same dental technique of using white fillings as bonding. This is a conservative way to treat cavities, or repair slightly chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth. The filling “bonds” to your tooth, and because we have dozens of tooth-colored shades, we will perfectly match the appearance of your natural teeth. Tooth bonding can also be used for teeth fillings instead of silver amalgam fillings. Many patients prefer bonded fillings because the white color is much less noticeable than the silver amalgam fillings. Dental Bondings can be used on front and back teeth.

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Before and After Dental Bonding

Before and After Dental Bonding

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West Ridgewood Dental Professionals serves the greater Metropolitan area including Ridgewood, Glen Rock, HoHoKus, Allendale, Paramus, Westwood, Montvale and Upper Saddle River, Waldwick, Wyckoff, Oradell, Ramsey and other Bergen County towns.